At a digital crossroads

Authorities and users demand that you have control over personal information and other sensitive data.

How you protect confidentiality and integrity to maintain digital trust is more important than ever. The consequences of taking no action affects your organisation directly and represents a risk to both your bottom line and your reputation.

Ensafer Collaboration

Ensafer Collaboration

Ensafer Collaboration is an alternative to unsecured communications channels — such as email and file servers — for sensitive information. You remain in full control over your data, and can easily exchange information, files and comments. e-ID and strong encryption gives you the highest level of security.

Ensafer Compliance

Ensafer Compliance allows you to protect personal and other sensitive data according to current legislation. By moving the security to the end points, users remain in control and achieve first-class security.

Are you ready for GDPR, the EU’s new privacy regulation?

The new regulation comes into effect on May 25th, 2018.

This law affects all businesses who store or process personal information about people living in the EU/EEA. Violation of the regulation may lead to severe fines being issued to your company.

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