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Encrypted Collaboration Made Easy

For a number of years, Invenia has developed and refined our core product — Ensafer. The result is a streamlined, simple and intuitive collaboration tool which lets our customers work with peace of mind. Ideas, documents, drawings, patents, strategies and other digital assets can be stored, shared and discussed — completely safe.

Our technology is based on strong end-to-end encryption with authentication and signing via BankID, and is the result of Norwegian and international research projects. Ensafer’s patented key model is unique, scales extremely well — and is completely transparent to the end-user.




Ensafer offers the industry’s highest security level. Authentication is performed using BankID and our unique keychain app. Encryption keys are only stored on the user’s device. Invenia doesn’t have access to unencrypted user data, and can’t be compelled to deliver keys to others.


All collaboration is designed with a clear goal in mind: User-friendliness. All operations happen in a web browser, where one can create cases, share files and use strong collaboration features. Users don’t need to concern themselves with the technical aspects of encryption. We make sure it happens automatically in the background.


Ensafer was borne with collaboration in mind, and works as well for small teams as for organizations with thousands of users. The application also works on a tablet and a smartphone. Ensafer is available where the users are, when they need it.

“Lyngen is the first Norwegian municipality which fully utilizes end-to-end encryption integrated with BankID.”

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